Trevor Andrew

Trevor Andrew, aka GucciGhost, is a multi-disciplinary Artist, based in Los Angeles, CA. Far from restricting himself to simple canvases, Andrew is known for making waves in various creative sectors including the Fashion, digital and Fine Art World. From tagging the streets of New York with the iconic Gucci logo, to obtaining a global collaboration with the high-end fashion house, Andrew has managed to incorporate a mélange of all these elements: context, medium, imagery; and their infiltration into the urban consciousnesses.

Andrew is now renowned for his pure instinctive talent and quick-witted intellect that has facilitated his way into navigating tricky territories - starting from the streets of New York to Fine Art Museums, blue chip galleries, Nifty Gateway and Gucci’s runways. A collision of urban celebration and pop, his practice is characterized by satirical humour and powerful visual impact which utilizes familiar representations with unattainable symbols to investigate the relationship between luxury items and street lifestyle.

Fusing opposing subjects with traditional art historical references and contemporary street culture, his works, as well as his alter ego, GucciGhost, has elevated street art to the realm of the fine art world and the global fashion industry.


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