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* The Particle platform and it's services will only be made available for non-US customers.
** Ownership in Particles is via enabled via the Particle Foundation, a public non-profit governed by the ParticleDAO. Please refer to T&C's for more information.


What is a Particle?

Particles are digital Collector Cards representing non-economic ownership in physical art masterpiece. The more Particles you own, the more of the painting you own;

Particles can be openly traded on the Secondary Market;

Particles are your ticket to making decisions about what happens to the art. Collect more Particles to have greater control over the art.

1st Community Acquisition: Banksy’s Love is in the Air (2005)

The community’s first acquisition was Banksy’s Love is in the Air;

Particalized and sold as 10,000 Particles;

Owned by over 2,600 collectors;

Exhibited at the ICA in Miami, Particle Gallery in New York, and Praz-Delavallade gallery in LA.


Developed and Operated by Art World Insiders and Technology Experts

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Particle Ecosystem

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Frequently Asked Questions

On which Blockchain are Particles minted?

Particles for Banksy’s Love is in the Air were minted on the Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain. However, following strong community demand, we’ve built a bridge that allows collectors to move their Particles to Ethereum. Sign up to the Particle Newsletter to be the first to know when the bridge is launched.

Can I still buy a Particle of Banksy’s Love is in the Air?

Love is in the Air Particles are sold out. However, you can still buy them on the secondary market.

When is the next masterpiece going to be offered?

Particle’s acquisitions team is currently evaluating the best option to present to the community. In parallel, we are also rebuilding the Particle platform to allow for a more holistic fine art experience. Expect particles of the next masterpiece to be dropped sometime in January 2023. Current community members, and subscribers will get early access to all future acquisitions.

What happens to the physical Art? How is it maintained?

The physical Art is held by the Particle Foundation, a Delaware registered 501(c)3 public non-profit organization. The Particle Foundation has been funded by a $500,000 grant by the Avalanche Foundation in early 2022. Using these funds, and the 2.5% of secondary Particle transaction revenues, the Foundation is the entity entrusted with maintaining the art –from insurance, storage, security and exhibitions. All documents pertaining to the Art are published on the ParticleDAO Forum.

Can I sell Art to the Particle Community?

If you own or have access to culturally-significant artworks that you believe would be a good addition to the Particle Collection, please

Is Particle a DAO? Is there a governance token?

Particle itself is a Web3 native organization the is spearheading the decentralized ownership of physical assets such as fine art on the blockchain. Each masterpiece is however governed by its community of Particle collectors, in a “sub-DAO” manner. You can find more information about the ParticleDAO here.

Currently, the DAO is being governed by the Love is in the Air (LIITA) token.

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